Hello! I’m Vanessa Dal Busco – a marketing / tech consultant by day, aspiring law student by night, and this is my website. I live in London and am passionate about cycling, running, and cooking vegetables. I founded Ad Lumin Content Marketing.


Ad Lumin Content Marketing was created as I started to work for friends helping to develop impact reports for charitable projects, and to use my business and creative skills to bring to light the effect of projects, as well as conversations about ways to create content to raise visibility and profile, so organisations can attract the right customers & supporters.

My background is in business development, or ‘smarketing’ (sales + marketing) in different industries. During my career I’ve helped organisations scale and grow. I have helped an organisation reach shareprice targets, I helped an organisation grow FTE, I helped to clean up customer contracts, and I helped to prepare a company for sale. My approach to these projects was different however the outcome was similar. Content Marketing and communication was a key factor in the success of all the projects!

What we do

Ad Lumin Content Marketing creates and implements content marketing plans so a company can attract the right new customers by raising profile and visibility.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing material can be made up of news articles, blogs, micro blogs, letters, social media assets, brochures, case studies, events, reports, whitepapers or a number of other things! This includes social media management and digital marketing.

Channels can include digital; that is web, email and social, and traditional channels such as in-person, print and word of mouth.

Inspiration – the purpose of the project. What are your end goals? Why are we doing this?

Creation – this is the easy part! Finding a personality & tone of voice, writing / creating content and generally communicating – the heart of the project.

Optimisation – distribution through different channels to achieve your goal.


In a world where change is constant I hope to help people and organisations stabilise their offering, differentiate from competitors and grow in the most efficient way.

I am also Marketing / PR Ambassador at Institute of Directors Central London and Head of Governance at Institute of Fundraising South-East and London Committee.

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