Social Media Management
Social Media Management

Social media for business is a great way to build a virtual ‘shop-front’ where visitors can see what you are about – it’s your online ‘personality’. Using a variety of tools and strategies, Ad Lumin can build your virtual business in line with your vision and goals for the future, to generate interest in your products and services.

Content planning and creation

Structured or unstructured articles, repurposed content and blogs to inform, engage and add brand value can raise awareness, build your brand and organisation profile, reach brand champions in your field, to create a ‘buzz’ around your product and services. Working with partners, your team, and peers, planned content can reach new audiences through social media campaigns.

Follower attraction campaigns

Targeted social media follower attraction campaigns increase brand awareness and create ‘social proof’. Clients can expect to triple digit follower growth with reporting based on engagement, reach, follower and impression metrics. Ad Lumin can help you to communicate with and build relationships with influencers and future brand ambassadors

Organic Engagement campaigns

Social media is about relationships. Using bespoke crafted content, Ad Lumin can drive organic engagement using social campaigns that have the added benefits of increasing brand recognition and commitment.

Advertising / Paid campaigns

Targeted advertising campaigns across certain channels (depending on what’s right for you) can spur growth, especially for high value products. Ad Lumin has expertise running B2B campaigns across several channels, and can advise on & implement the right spend, audience, creative and copy to ensure the ad generates interest in your product. In addition, Ad Lumin can advise on and implement landing pages & customer journeys to ensure the ad fulfils its maximum potential for your budget.