Personal Branding
Personal Branding

Social Media Workshop

From microblogging to back of house updates, Ad Lumin can run social media workshops & training sessions to coach team members so they can understand how best to build relationships and engage potential customers over social media. By understanding the tools that are available and proven methods, employee personal branding can add to a brand’s impact online. An individual’s personal brand can humanise company messaging and creates a tribe of ambassadors to increase reach, frequency and impact of posts / content.

Finding your voice

Ad Lumin can complete a content audit which prompt key ideas and strategies for future content. A stakeholder workshop on individual brand strategy can produce fresh brand insights that remain true to your company vision.

Building themes

Ad Lumin plans subject matter and content with teams to clarify thinking around themes, ideas and storylines. Sometimes this means going back to the beginning to build foundations – who are we and why are we here – or it could just mean building on existing subject matter.