Strategic planning

Ad Lumin works with brands to establish client needs, effective subject-matter and campaign planning to build brand awareness and engagement

Tactical tools

Ad Lumin collaborates with clients and deploys data-driven events, email, social media, web, print and content tactics to inform potential customers of your brand, products and services

Events – in-person & online

Ad Lumin has extensive experience hosting in-person and virtual thought leadership, panel and promotional events that get people talking.

Timeline mapping

Social media and content scheduling to add value for your audience.

Milestones & deliverables

Project planning is an essential part of any marketing campaign. Achieving milestones and deliverables ensures stakeholders that the project is on track.

B2B Strategies

Ad Lumin has 15 years’ experience creating value for B2B brands using a combination of the tools and strategies listed above.


Ad Lumin can assist with data-driven analysis to help you understand what metrics are important, to track your success over time and set goals and KPIs.