Ad Lumin Digital Marketing Agency offers content marketing strategy and services using social media marketing and digital marketing planning and tools to stimulate interest in products or services. Content marketing and digital marketing can generate leads, engage your audience and optimise your visibility and profile so you can attract the right customers. Through a variety of correctly timed tactics such as written content, video, webinars, events and thought leadership, Ad Lumin can optimise your digital shopfront to generate inbound leads and create a ‘buzz’ around your brand to help you achieve your goals. 

Content Marketing

Content Marketing material can be made up of news articles, blogs, micro blogs, letters, social media assets, brochures, case studies, events, reports, whitepapers and a number of other assets! This includes distribution through social media management and digital marketing.

Channels can include digital; that is web, email, and social, and traditional channels such as in-person, print, and word of mouth.

Inspiration, Creation, Optimisation

Inspiration – the purpose of the project. What are your end goals? Why are we doing this? Finding and setting goals defines the strategy that we then implement.

Creation – this is the easy part! Finding a personality & tone of voice, writing / creating content and generally communicating – the heart of the project. This can be an exciting and fun exercise to do – finding and communicating your brand for the purpose of your audience, and seeing your audience engagement rise, is fulfilling!

Optimisation – distribution through different channels to achieve your goal. Testing and trialling is part of the journey – together we can explore different assets & channels to optimise the value you bring. I will share knowledge and expertise and my thoughts along the way – it’s rewarding to see the ideas come to life in this phase of the project as it all takes shape, and interesting to look back to the beginning to see the progress, as well as plan more exciting campaigns for the future as you continue to grow your success.


Ad Lumin Content Marketing offers the following services:

  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Content Marketing: Inspiration, Creation, Optimisation
  • Webinars: Pre and post marketing, Production
  • Digital Transformation: Planning, Implementation, Evaluation
  • In-person Event Marketing, Promotion & Production
  • Project Management / Implementation
  • Customer Acquisition Strategy
  • Lead Generation
  • Audience Engagement
  • Project Evaluation