rav roberts CEO medsii.com

Client Testimonial: medsii.com

medsii.com is an award-winning scale-up healtech app that provides health and medicines information to patients on a range of topics. It finds and distributes information on all medical indications and publishes interesting articles on clinical trials, medicines and wellbeing as well as personalized push alerts to users.

Ad Lumin has worked with medsii since launch. Our first project was an online event, “Beyond the clinic: patient-centric medicines management – putting the patient at the heart of their journey,” which aimed to engage patient support charities, healthcare professionals and investors. Ad Lumin produced and promoted the event including defining content & delivery style, working with speakers to shape the most engaging format, promoting to appropriate audiences, encouraging signups, managing the technology aspects and post promotion.

Over 135 people in the core target groups registered for the event and medsii was able to achieve £200k funding which was £80k more than the goal of £120k; and closed the seed round of funding 3 months early on that basis due to a range of launch activities, of which the virtual event was one.

Since then, Ad Lumin curates medsii content for distribution across main social media channels, and undertakes both follower attraction and engagement campaigns for medsii.

Rav Roberts, CEO medsii, said,

“We’ve had an excellent experience working with Ad Lumin… it’s generated some fantastic results for us getting our brand recognized by key opinion makers.”

From a starting point of less than 100 followers, medsii now has more than 5,500 followers across all social media channels and 6,700 monthly post impressions and achieved 650k all time impressions (Sept 21). This has helped medsii to obtain ‘social proof’ as a trusted information resource for potential users and investors.

Ad Lumin is proud to work with such a ground-breaking, important UK startup and looks forward to continued positive collective results with medsii.com.

You can download the medsii app here